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policies and procedures manual

The Board of Directors of the Lions Charity Foundation of District 24-D, Inc. developed and adopted this Policy and Procedures Manual to provide guidance to the Standing Committees as they effect the authority delegated to them by the Board and to ensure their adherence to the stated Purposes of the Corporation. This Policy & Procedures Manual, in conjunction with Long Range Plans of District 24-D,  provides the Corporation’s Standing  Committee’s clear internal operating procedures and adequate plans for the conduct of the Corporation’s business. The Policy & procedures Manual is consistent with the stated Purposes and Objects of Lions Clubs International and in the best interests of District  24-D Lions Clubs.

For the complete list of the current Board of Directors and the Charity Foundation Committee Assignments click on the Policy & Procedures Manual pdf above and refer to Sections 1.1 and 1.2.

2014–2015 board of directors: officers

president (c)

Don Fuller
203 Brigade Drive
Grafton, VA 23692
(Hampton Mercury Lions Club)

Home: 757.898.1749
Work: 757.826.6055
Email: Don.Fuller@cox.net 

VP Term Exp: 2014
CF Term Exp: 2015

vice president (g)

Stan Furman
4004 Atlantic Avenue
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
(Thalia Lions Club)

Home: 757.422.5877
Work: 757.635.7823
Email: vze24y7n@verizon.net

VP Term Exp: 2015
CF Term Exp: 2017*

secretary (b)

Pat Kerr

2812 Hidden Lake Drive
Williamsburg, VA 23185
(Williamsburg Host Lions Club)

Home: 757.229.0991
Cell: 757.291.8740
Email: LionPatK@cox.net

Sec Term Exp: 2015
CF Term Exp: 2015*

treasurer (g)

John  Cranford

2126 Wake Forest St
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
(Oceanside Lions Club)

Home: 757.482.2348
Email: eajohnc@aol.com

Tres Term Exp: 2015
CF Term Exp: 2015


2012–2013 board of directors: zone directors

zone (a)

Michael Fagan                      
27 Wintergreen Lane
Weems, VA 22576          
(Lancaster County Lions Club)

Home: 804.438.6193
Cell: 301.518.5486

Email: michael.fagan@va.metrocast.net

CF Term Exp: 2017*

zone (b)

Raymond A. Yannello
14 Oscars Court
Poquoson, VA 23662
(Poquoson Lions Club)

Home: 757.868.1158
Office: 757.501.6195
Cell: 757.570.6650
Email: ryannello@aol.com

CF Term Exp: 2017*

zone (c)

Tom Yager
121 Terrell Rd
Newport News, VA 23606
(Hampton-Mercury Lions Club)

Home: 757.595.3185
Office: 757.864.1304
Email: tyager1@cox.net

CF Term Exp: 2017*

zone (d)

Barara Senecal PDG

4241 Manchester Rd
Portsmouth, VA 23703
(Western Branch Lions Club)

Home: 757.484.3800
Cell: 757.630.0599
Email: fallonbarb@aol.com

CF Term Exp: 2017*

zone (e)


Cecil Smithson
157 Rodman Rd
Norfolk, Va. 23503
(Ocean View Lions Club)

Home: 757.583.3676
Email: csmithson1@cox.net

CF Term Exp: 2017*

zone (f)


Marc Van Eck
16350 Pleasure Point Place
Windsor, VA 23487   
(Windsor Lions Club)

Home: 757.255.2630
Cell: 757.255.2630
Email: marcvaneck@aol.com

CF Term Exp: 2016

zone (g)

Nancy Cranford
2126 Wake Forest Street
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
(Oceanside Lions Club)

Home: 757.481.0208
Office: 757.588.6675
Cell: 757.849.2643
Email: nanlouram.@verizon.net

CF Term Exp. 2017*

zone (h)

Tucker Casanova
2619 Argonne Ave.
Virginia Beach, VA 23509
(Aragona Pembroke)

Cell: 757.375.3488
E-Mail: tucker@lionseyebank.org

CF Term Exp: 2015

zone (i)

John Kluis
PO Box 572
Onancock, VA 23417
(Onancock Lions Club )
Home: 757.787.7500
Email: jkluis@hotmail.com

CF Term Exp: 2016*